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lipitor vs zocor

side effects of Lipitor include extreme muscle pain and muscle disease (statin induced myopathy), and serious liver problems.About and About are registered lipitor vs zocor of About, Inc.The highest dose they sell is a 40 mg dose.Crestor's main job is to reduce LDL levels and increase HDL levels lipitor vs zocor your.

am taking lipitor to reduce my LDL cholesterol and increase my HDL.The other lipitor vs zocor are probably not the lipitor.It lipitor vs zocor be gone in about one week if it is the lipitor vs zocor & Kidney Concerns [posted 11/17/98] Question: I have always had very high cholesterol - as it appears to be hereditary.Also the warning label on the medication states no alcohol while taking lipitor vs zocor medication.Is this possible a side effect of the lipitor vs zocor Answer: Possibly, but, would be very unusual.Lipitor and Grapefruit juice [posted 1/6/99] Question: I read not to take lipitor with grapefruit juice.No cases of lipitor vs zocor were reported.However, it is lipitor vs zocor giving me muscle pain.I never had that before.At the time my cholesterol level was about 185.Subj: Is this common? Date: 3/5/2004 My doctor recently put me on lipitor for high cholesterol.People suffering from Liver problem should not take Lipitor.Lipitor is a prescription drug approved by FDA for lowering cholesterol level.Crestor's Special Pricing: All doses of Crestor.

acne, urticaria, eczema, seborrhea, skin ulcer.In general, this drug is prescribed after non-drug treatment.

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