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pravachol plus

your doctor or other qualified health care professional.These pravastatin uses include the: Treatment pravachol plus high cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia) Treatment of high triglycerides Prevention of pravachol plus disease and heart-related problems.On the positive side statin drug side effects are usually limited to 2 percent or less of the people to whom.

thus, lipid therapy pravachol plus the potential to benefit the general population of older patients.After an average treatment period of 5 years, the rate of major coronary events was reduced from 28.P values pravachol plus risk reduction are based on Cox proportional-hazards analysis.Coronary events are fatal coronary heart disease, pravachol plus myocardial infarction, coronary artery bypass grafting, and angioplasty.Adjustment for potential clinical center effects did not affect the risk reductions in either age group.Adjustment for imbalances in risk factors at baseline did not affect the risk reductions attributable to therapy.Younger patients receiving pravastatin also experienced a lower rate pravachol plus pravachol plus events than did younger patients receiving placebo ( Table 3 ).Clinical Cardiovascular Events In older patients, the rates of major coronary events pravachol plus 28.Baseline coronary risk factors significantly differed between the two age pravachol plus ( Table 1 ).Given the high cardiovascular event rate in older.

birth defects if it is taken during pregnancy.Teva Pharmaceutical Industries View drug.

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